咸臨丸プロジェクト 「細胞と代謝」の基盤研究を担う若手育成

"Keio KANRINMARU Project" sails off !

In 1860, the Kanrinmaru with Yukichi Fukuzawa (founder of Keio University), and other Japanese youth, dreaming the modernization of Japan, sailed off to the rough seas of the Pacific and brought a new era to Japan. In the same spirit, to promote young researchers to launch out into the world, the "Keio KANRINMARU Project" is inviting applications for the positions of associate professor and assistant professor.

Over the years, Keio University has spearheaded research efforts with a focus on fields of regenerative medicine, immunology and a comprehensive analysis of cellular metabolism and so on. As Keio University has advanced research in the fields of medical and life sciences, many researchers have published world-class papers on their achievements. These efforts have earned wide recognition, including selection as a Global COE in Life Sciences and a Global COE in Medicine supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).

To expand even deeper into these research activities, Keio University is establishing this tenure track program to support the independent research of young scientists.

The program targets post doctorates and assistant professors who are in the first 10 years after obtaining their PhD degrees and invites applications from individuals around the world for the positions of associate professor (3) and assistant professor (10).

The associate professor will receive an independent research space and environment, one supporting staff (a post doctorate or a technical staff), start-up funds, and yearly research funds.

The assistant professor may receive the support of the existing laboratory related to his/her research (core lab). However, research will remain independent from the core lab to ensure autonomous investigation.

The professor may conduct either basic or clinical research. The program requires the professor to achieve an effort rate on research of at least 60%.

This program is aimed to provide favorable condition to foster talented researchers who aspire to the global stage of research achievements. We are looking forward to receiving many applications from young researchers. This program offers the chance to emerge one day on a still wider stage.

*This project is supported by MEXT's program "Promotion of Environmental Improvement for Independence of Young Researchers" under the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology.